Studies have shown that between the years of 2006 and 2011, opioid overdose was higher in Monroe County than anywhere else in Florida. In addition according to WLRN the Florida Keys currently have the highest percentage of binge drinkers in the state of Florida. As substance abuse remains a pressing concern for people throughout Monroe County, finding rehab centers near the Florida Keys is also a concern as there are few addiction treatment facilities that rise to the need, particularly when it comes to specialized care.

Those who are willing to travel to the mainland for addiction treatment have access to more selection of rehab centers than in the Florida Keys allowing them to be much more selective when choosing the best drug or alcohol rehab program for their needs. Traveling to Florida mainland for rehab also offers the recovering individual a fresh start in a new environment. For many, putting distance between themselves and their triggers is one way to reduce the desire to use again. Having that physical separation can reinforce the recovering individuals’ commitment to treatment and sobriety.

In majority of cases admission to a drug treatment facility is voluntary, the person in treatment has the ability to leave at any time if he or she chooses. Being far away from home deflects some of the temptation to walk away from treatment, thus increasing the person’s chance of completing the program.

Some people are also concerned about the professional and social impact of addiction treatment. Many worry that if anyone finds out they went to rehab they’ll be looked at differently, judged or even face negative professional consequences. For this reason, privacy can be a very important factor in choosing to travel to a different city for rehab, as it reduces the chance of being recognized while in treatment.

When contemplating addiction treatment in the mainland, consider visiting Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) in Fort Pierce. Established in 2002, FCR offers medical detox and addiction treatment with comprehensive therapeutic programs to treat addiction and its underlying related mental health conditions. Through an all-inclusive inpatient rehab program, those living in Florida Keys who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction have an opportunity to get far enough for treatment to have the benefits of recovery away from the “home environment” and receive treatment in a safe, nurturing, real-life environment without the need for flying to a different state.

Florida Center for Recovery’s addiction treatment programs offer variable lengths of stay which allow each client to anchor recovery behaviors which are essential for lasting sobriety. Additionally, FCR offers addiction and mental health treatment therapies and programs that few other treatment centers provide, such as: Trauma Treatment through Rapid Resolution Therapy®, Chronic Relapse Program, Pregnant Women Program, Military/First Responders Program.

For more information about our rehab programs, or if you would like to explore treatment options, you can reach us at (800) 851-3291.

You may also check out our online booklet Florida-Center-for-Recovery-Booklet for a better insight into our diverse comprehensive therapies.

Florida Center for Recovery
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Recover with Us! Individualized Inpatient Addiction Treatment Services:

  • All Inclusive Inpatient Detox
  • Medical and Psychological Evaluation
  • Addiction Treatment Assessment
  • Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Group and Individual Psychotherapy
  • Gender Specific Counseling
  • Grief / Loss Therapy
  • Rapid Resolution Therapy® (Trauma Therapy)
  • Intensive Family Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • 12 Steps & SMART Recovery®
  • Addiction Educational Series
  • Holistic and Alternative Therapies
  • Recreational Activities
  • Aftercare Programming
  • Discharge Planning
  • Chronic Relapse Program
  • Pregnant Women Program
  • Military/First Responders Program