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Florida Center for Recovery (FCR), a drug rehab in Saint Lucie County, has been offering drug detox and comprehensive inpatient drug addiction treatment since 2002. Our drug rehab programs are founded on the belief of treating body, mind, and spirit utilizing a blend of evidence-based practices, traditional therapies, and holistic alternative therapies. Look no further for drug rehabs Florida programs.

Drug Rehabs in Florida and Why They’re Important

There is a reason why we chose to set up drug rehabs in Florida. Unfortunately, Florida deals with substance use issues. For example, there is an issue with meth overdose deaths in Florida. As of May 2020, research indicates that there has been an increase in this statistic. Along with this, more Floridians are using meth and heroin in tandem. This leads to even more untimely deaths.

One surprising group of individuals in Florida that suffer from substance use disorders is pregnant women and their unborn babies. In fact, the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association along with the Florida Department of Children and Families put together reports on pregnant women that suffer from substance use issues in Florida.

Here are alarming statistics on cannabis use by Floridian pregnant women:

  • Marijuana use in Florida is much higher than the rest of the nation
  • The average percentage of pregnant women who used cannabis used to be between 2% to 5%
  • In April 2020, 15% of pregnant women in Florida reported cannabis use
  • Marijuana use by pregnant women may increase the chance of stillborns and birth defects

The Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association and the Florida Department of Children and Families also wrote that drug-related pregnancy deaths have surpassed other leading causes of death. The other leading causes included homicide, suicide, and car accidents.

Around 63 pregnant women died from pregnancy-associated death from drugs per 100,000 women. For this reason, the Florida Center for Recovery has made it a point to offer programs that are specifically for pregnant women.

Treatment for Illicit Drugs Through Drug Rehabs Florida Initiatives

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Florida Center for Recovery understands that all drugs can lead to an addiction. That even means drugs like marijuana. Thus, despite what many people may think, marijuana and other drugs can ruin people’s lives.

A part of what makes the Florida Center for Recovery addiction treatment center here in St. Lucie County so great is that we offer treatment for all illicit drugs. Some of the drugs that we provide treatment for include:

  • Cocaine
  • Meth
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin

We offer many more detox and rehab programs for other kinds of illicit substances as well. Here at Florida Center for Recovery, we consider our facility to be one of the most inclusive addiction treatment centers in Florida state.

Florida Center for Recovery typically starts all individuals that are seeking illicit substance abuse treatment at the FCR facility with a detox program. Such a detox program usually lasts up to seven days and rids the body of all traces of substances.

Drug Rehabs in Florida: Treatment for Prescription Medications

In addition to treating illicit drugs, the FCR drug rehab programs offer treatment for prescription drug addiction through a specialized treatment track. Oftentimes, individuals who become addicted to prescription drugs take their medications as prescribed.

However, due to their medications’ propensity for tolerance and dependence, an addiction eventually develops. The three classes of prescription drugs that are often abused include opioids that are used to treat pain, depressants, such as benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Ativan, Klonopin), and stimulants.

As a trusted leader in addiction and mental health treatment, Florida Center for Recovery prides itself in offering programs that few other treatment centers in Florida provide. Some of these drug rehabs programs include:

  • Rapid Resolution Therapy ® for Trauma Treatment
  • Chronic Relapse Program
  • Pregnant Women Program
  • Military/First Responders Program

We also offer other forms of treatment as a part of our personalized rehab plans. Every patient is different. This means each patient’s treatment will reflect the severity of that person’s addiction, lifestyle, culture, co-occurring disorders, and other factors.

Drug Rehabs in Florida and Addiction Programs Options

At Florida Center for Recovery, we provide patients with addiction treatment options that are right for them. We strongly believe that being among peers with the same goals speeds up the healing process.

Patients may also find that they can benefit from programs where they are among peers with similar experiences. That’s why we here at Florida Center for Recovery offer a variety of programs so that our patients can choose what programs suits them best. Furthermore, the trained staff and medical professionals at Florida Center for Recovery assist patients in making the right choice.

Looking through drug rehabs in Florida can be overwhelming. Choosing a program can be even more overwhelming. That’s where the Florida Center for Recovery team steps in. The FCR team can help patients select the right course of action to achieve long-lasting sobriety.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

One of the most intense drug rehab program options that Florida Center for Recovery offers its members is that of inpatient treatment programs. Part of the reason why inpatient treatment is so intense is that inpatient treatment patients must live at a rehab center while receiving treatment.

This means that FCR patients must live at the FCR rehab center while in inpatient treatment. Residential treatment programs also require their patients to live at a rehab center while receiving treatment and are thus, another form of inpatient treatment.

Inpatient treatment programs are best for individuals with intense addictions because they provide these individuals with around the clock care. Inpatient treatment programs also remove recovering addicts from external factors that may trigger a relapse.

Up to 60% of recovering addicts will relapse, so being physically away from people and places that can stunt the recovery process helps. It also helps that the Florida Center for Recovery facility is on 12 acres of lush land that’s surrounded by the various fauna and flora that Florida has to offer. The FCR rehab facility even has a little oasis that individuals can relax at.

Inside the FCR rehab facility, are modern bedrooms that addiction treatment patients can also relax in. At the Florida Center for Recovery, patients even get to have multiple delicious meals prepared for them three times a day or more. That way FCR patients can put 100% of their efforts into their recovery.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

We understand that not every person can commit to living at our addiction treatment center in St. Lucie County. Some may need to stay at home to take care of elderly parents or children. Additionally, some rehab patients may need to maintain a job in order to have health insurance and afford treatment. That’s where outpatient treatment programs step in.

Outpatient treatment programs provide individuals with the opportunity to heal at their own pace. There are three types of outpatient treatment programs that drug rehabs in Florida typically provide:

  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs)
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs)
  • General outpatient programs (OPs)

Partial hospitalization programs are the most intense form of outpatient treatment. This is partly because partial hospitalization programs require that patients attend treatment all day. Intensive outpatient programs are also somewhat intense like PHP programs but require less time commitment. Finally, standard outpatient programs are the least intense form of treatment. Thus, we recommend this type of program to those who have completed an inpatient treatment program already and want to transition back into normal life.


Therapy is one of the most powerful tools in improving recovery. This is because people often turn to drugs and alcohol to numb physical and, more importantly, mental pain that requires therapy to get over. Uncovering the root of addiction is an essential step to recovery.

Around 50% of people with a substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder develop a mental illness. Either addiction or mental illness can spur on each other. Therefore, uncovering the root of addiction through therapy is an essential step to recovery.

Therapy also shows individuals that suffer from addiction that there are positive ways to cope with painful experiences. That way rehab patients don’t feel the need to turn to substance abuse to cope.

Florida Center for Recovery offers multiple therapies as a part of our evidence-based, drug rehabs in Florida programs. When comparing our variety of therapy with the therapy programs that many other addiction treatment centers in Florida offer, you’ll notice that our variety of therapy is larger.

Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT)

Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) is also known as trauma therapy. RRT is a newer form of therapy that uses vivid imagery, specific words, hypnotism, and traditional psychotherapy to heal trauma victims. The founder of RRT, Dr. Jon Connelly, found that this form of treatment could help patients deal with their traumas in as little as one session.

Intensive Family Therapy

Addiction is known as a family disease for multiple reasons. Firstly, when a loved one has an addiction, it hurts the entire family. Still, family members may not realize that they’re also contributing to their loved ones’ addictions.

Intensive family therapy shows recovering individuals that they have a support network that loves them. Intensive family therapy also holds individuals more accountable for their actions, as well as family members.

Self Management and Recovery Training (SMART) Recovery

SMART Recovery is a structured form of therapy used in support groups. Self-help is an important step in long-lasting sobriety. The SMART Recovery school of thought uses science and peer support to help individuals reach their goals. There are four pillars to this program. These include:

  1. Building and maintaining motivation
  2. Coping with urges
  3. Managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  4. Living a balanced life

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

In addition to the dozen or so therapies that we offer here at Florida Center for Recovery, we also provide traditional CBT. This popular form of psychotherapy stops negative thought patterns before they happen. Therapists that specialize in CBT will make patients aware of behaviors and automatic thoughts that can lead them back to addiction.

What Drug Rehabs in Florida Means To Us

Florida is a wonderful place to start the addiction recovery process. Drug rehabs in Florida mean that patients can heal through traditional means, sunshine, and unique nature. All these factors together can expedite recovery.

Within the gorgeous Floridian setting here at Florida Center for Recovery, we have a highly-trained staff. This staff has helped people from all walks of life.

That means that they can help you and the people that you love that struggle with a substance use disorder. If you or a loved one needs help overcoming addiction in Florida, contact us now.




Florida Center for Recovery utilizes an array of evidence-based, traditional, holistic and alternative therapies in the treatment of addiction. Therapeutic treatment is delivered face-to-face in both individual and group sessions. Group sessions include psychotherapy, a variety of educational lectures and discussions related to the disease of addiction as well as effective strategies for maintaining sobriety.

Biofeedback Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Florida
Treatment Therapies
  • Medical Detox
  • Psychiatric Care
  • Gender Specific Counseling
  • Group & Individual Psychotherapy
  • Rapid Resolution Therapy® (Trauma Therapy)
  • Grief/ Loss Therapy
  • Intensive Family Therapy
  • Biofeedback Therapy
  • Chronic Relapse Program
  • 12 Steps
  • SMART RECOVERY® Meetings
SMART Recovery Meeting in Fort Pierce, Florida
Recovery Educational Workshops
  • Addiction Cycle Education
  • Psycho-Education
  • Life Skills Training
  • Communication & Relationship Skills
  • Motivational Lectures
  • Stress Management
Holistic Therapies in Addiction Treatment in Florida
Holistic & Alternative Therapies
  • Light Bodyweight Cardio
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Yoga & Guided Meditation
  • Art Therapy
  • Drum Therapy