10 Keys to a Successful Recovery

More people should know that drug and alcohol abuse is a disease and not just individuals who have no will power in controlling their drinking and drug use. While addiction can’t be cured, there are ways to manage it. The road to recovery is full of twists and turns but having a plan can help avoid pitfalls and possible relapses. Here are some important factors to consider in order to achieve a successful recovery: 

1) Take it one day at a time: When it comes to recovering from an addiction, the journey should be the main focus, not the destination. Don’t let old habits trap you, reach out to a coach or counselor if needed but stay the path and remember overthinking is overwhelming.

2) Make recovery your priority: There will be many important things that will come up for you after rehab but don’t forget that your number one priority is your physical and mental health and recovering from your addiction is a huge factor in that. Put yourself first and stay in touch with professionals who can support you on this path. 

3) Communicate: It can be lonely and isolating during recovery, make sure you are getting the support you need. Reach out to friends, family, sponsors, or coaches and communicate your needs during this time. You are never alone. 

4) Get out more: Join a fitness group, take up a sport or just venture out into nature more often to take advantage of fresh air and exercise that will greatly benefit you during this time.

5) Change your friends: If you feel that the people in your life have influenced you in a negative way, change your social circle. You don’t owe anybody anything and remember you’re now putting yourself first. Connect with likeminded people who have a positive impact on your life and don’t be afraid to end harmful relationships. 

6) Change your environment: If you feel you can’t go back to your old life and heal properly change your surroundings. Your goal is to replace bad habits with good ones so do whatever is necessary to optimize your healing process. 

7) Improve your diet: Along with proper exercise, a proper diet is an important key to a successful recovery. A good diet will benefit your physical and emotional health. Don’t be afraid to connect with a professional to get support. 

8) Join a support group: Recovering from an addiction is not a feat accomplished in isolation. We need the support of each other and we need to support each other through this process. 

9) Work or volunteer: Sometimes reaching out to others in need will cause us to come out of our shell and give us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that we have helped someone else.

10) Never give up: It’ll get hard before it gets easy but you’re not alone and you will get through this. Recovery from substance addiction is trying and some days you might feel like you want to give up but before you do reach out for support. This assistance will help shine a light on the issues you are facing and together with your counselor or coach you can devise a plan of action that will keep you on the right path.