What You See is What You Get: The Power of Visualization

Did you know that Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for ten million dollars YEARS BEFORE his breakthrough movie career? He kept the check with him as motivation throughout his stand-up comedy career, believing one day that he could bring it into reality. Finally, in 1994, after lead performances in now-famous movies like Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura Pet Detective and The Mask, Jim Carrey became one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. The power of visualization has been a key tool for many people in manifesting their dreams not just famous actors. Seeing events happen in the mind’s eye is the key catalyst for bringing dreams into realities.

Science has shown that the brain cannot decipher between real and false events. If you mentally put yourself in a particular state your body will physically respond. Many people who suffer from anxiety know this concept all too well as they often find their bodies reacting anxiously to their fear-based thoughts putting them in a fight or flight situation, sometimes even when the individual is doing something as simple as taking a shower. Our minds are powerful so why not use it to our advantage? There are many ways we can use creative thinking in a way that benefits us. Any person capable of daydreaming can use positive visualization for their betterment. While daydreaming itself can lead to feelings of guilt, it is more productive when used for the benefit of your life.

For successful visualization, it is said that the key is to visualize what it is you want and to feel as though you already have it. Many people recovering from drug addiction can trace back the steps to before they became dependent on their drug of choice and remember a life of lack and unhappiness. It’s important to acknowledge those thoughts and feelings during recovery, so as to not fall in the same destructive thought patterns. The path to sobriety includes rebuilding your life so the more useful tools you have the higher your chances of success are. Creating a vision board can be an effective tool in creating a positive life after rehab. Take the time to dream about what you’ve always wanted and use your creativity to show it on your vision board. Never focus on the lack of but on what it would feel like if you had it. What does it look, feel, and even smell like? Using all of your senses can really help put you in a mindset of having what your visualizing. You can continuously add to the board or just revisit it for encouragement and a reminder of what you’re fighting for.

Taking the time to visualize what you want for your life has many benefits. It changes your “lack of” mindset and allows you to feel what it could be like to actually have a life that brings you joy. The time you put towards your visualization even if it’s just working on your vision board can be like a meditation, creating a peaceful and healthy space for you both mentally and physically. There are no limits to the imagination except for what you create yourself. To be successful in recovery requires you to break through the old patterns of negative thinking to create a life you want to have once you leave rehab. One step at a time you can start envisioning not just sobriety into a reality but an overall positive lifestyle change.