Treating Addiction, Depression and Anxiety Disorders

Depression and Anxiety

Individuals suffering from depression and anxiety often self-medicate with drugs and or alcohol to relieve the pain and anguish they feel. Physicians believe that a chemical imbalance within the brain, which prevents serotonin receivers from functioning properly, causes feelings of anxiety and depression.

Co-occurring disorder (COD) is a term used in cases when a person suffers from both substance use disorder (SUD) and a mental health condition, such as depression and anxiety. The good news is that many mental health conditions are highly treatable with the correct medications and ongoing therapy.

Addiction, Depression and Anxiety Treatment at Florida Center for Recovery

Any co-occurring mental health condition must be addressed at the same time as the substance abuse through integrated treatment. At Florida Center for Recovery (FCR), clients admitted for addiction treatment that are also diagnosed with a mental health condition such as anxiety and depression, attend specialized therapies to appropriately address both conditions. Clients in our inpatient addiction treatment program also participate in a wide range of holistic and specialty addiction treatment therapies. In addition, when necessary, the medical team may make the use of medications to help clients with the different aspects of their recovery process and related mental health conditions (anxiety and depression).

No single treatment is right for every individual. Therefore, each client’s addiction treatment plan is individualized and it is continually assessed to ensure that it meets the client’s changing and emerging needs.

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