Ambetter Insurance

Florida Center for Recovery is Now In-Network With Ambetter Insurance!

Few things in life are free, including rehab. Because addiction treatment at a rehab facility isn’t free, a person looking to overcome his or her substance addiction must find a way to pay for treatment. Luckily, due to the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are mandated to provide just as much coverage for addiction and mental health treatment as they do for treatment of normal physical ailments. As a result, health insurance is currently the best way to pay for addiction treatment. 

Because we here at Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) understand how much more cost-efficient it is to use one’s health insurance to pay for rehab, we are in-network with a wide variety of quality insurance companies. One exciting new insurance company that we are now in-network with is Ambetter insurance. 

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Healthcare Providers

There are many differences between in-network and out-of-network healthcare providers. In-network healthcare providers have contracts with designated health insurance companies. This means that customers of healthcare providers that are also members of health insurance companies that are within the healthcare facility’s network will receive more insurance coverage for their care. 

When a healthcare provider isn’t within a health insurance company’s network, that healthcare provider is said to be out-of-network. This means that a person with that particular health insurance provider that visits that particular healthcare facility will receive much less insurance coverage to help pay for his or her care.  

Luckily, Florida Center for Recovery is now in-network with Ambetter insurance. This means that Ambetter insurance members will receive a large amount of insurance coverage when receiving care at Florida Center for Recovery. In exchange, Ambetter insurance will refer its patients to receive care at Florida Center for Recovery. 

What is Ambetter Insurance?

Ambetter health insurance is a company that offers various affordable health insurance plans in 20 U.S. states, one of which, once again, is Florida. Ambetter insurance offers marketplace insurance plans with varying coverage and premium levels. 

Standard Ambetter Insurance Plans

Ambetter insurance contains some standard insurance plans with varying coverage and premium levels. Individuals in all of the U.S. states that Ambetter insurance plans are available can take advantage of these standard Ambetter health insurance plans. 

Gold Ambetter Insurance Plan

The standard Gold Ambetter insurance plan provides secure healthcare for higher monthly premiums. Having such higher monthly premiums will make the out-of-pocket costs less in the long run. 

Silver Ambetter Insurance Plan

The standard Silver Ambetter insurance plan provides Ambetter health insurance members with a balance between their monthly health insurance premium payments and their out-of-pocket health insurance expenses. Ambetter insurance usually advises its members to get a silver Ambetter insurance plan. This is because the standard silver Ambetter insurance plan provides Ambetter members with balanced care, which is financially the most logical form of healthcare that an average person should receive. 

Bronze Ambetter Insurance Plan

The bronze Ambetter health insurance plan provides its members with essential care. Thus, through the bronze Ambetter health insurance plan, Ambetter members can receive coverage for essential healthcare needs for lower monthly premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs. 

Ambetter Essential Benefits

All marketplace health insurance plans offer certain benefits and services. Thus, because Ambetter insurance offers its members marketplace insurance plans, there are certain benefits and services that Ambetter insurance will always provide coverage for. 

The essential benefits that Ambettter always provides coverage for include:

  • Emergency care
  • Outpatient or ambulatory care
  • Preventive and wellness care
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • Pediatric care
  • Mental health and substance abuse care
  • Laboratory services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Therapy services
  • Hospitalization fees

Ambetter Health Insurance Resources in Florida

There are certain resources that Ambetter insurance specifically provides its members with In the state of Florida. These resources include: 

  • My Health Pays Reward Program
  • Optional coverage for dental and vision
  • Tax credit
  • Maternity health programs
  • Access to “Your Better Health Center’ for health tips and financial advice 

Use Your Ambetter Insurance to Pay for Addiction Treatment At Florida Center for Recovery Today!

Addiction treatment is expensive. That’s why taking advantage of coverage from health insurance companies that Florida Center for Recovery is in-network with is important. Luckily, FCR is now within the network of Ambetter insurance. Ambetter insurance offers great benefits for rehab patients and is inexpensive. 

Because Ambetter insurance benefits are targeted across the state of Florida, all Floridians with Ambetter insurance will receive high amounts of insurance coverage at our rehab facility. To learn more about Ambetter insurance and its new partnership with Florida Center for Recovery, contact us today!