Florida Center for Recovery Is Now In-Network With BrightHealth and Ambetter Insurance!

Individuals that are looking to attend rehab for substance addictions must make sure that they have a way to pay for their treatment programs. The most cost-efficient way to pay for rehab is to do so through one’s health insurance. As long as the addiction treatment center that you plan to attend rehab at is in your health insurance company’s network, you should be able to receive a decent amount of insurance coverage to pay for the cost of your treatment programs. 

Luckily, for prospective Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) rehab patients, our treatment center accepts health insurance from numerous different health insurance companies. In fact, we here at Florida Center for Recovery are excited to announce that we are now in-network with BrightHealth and Ambetter insurance.

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Healthcare Providers

Before we go into detail about what exactly BrightHealth and Ambetter insurance are, it’s important to understand the difference between in-network and out-of-network healthcare providers. In-network healthcare providers are healthcare facilities that have contracts with certain health insurance companies. These contracts state that the in-network healthcare providers must accept more insurance coverage from patients that are from those particular health insurance companies. In exchange, those particular health insurance companies must refer their patients to in-network healthcare providers. 

Out-of-network healthcare providers are healthcare facilities that don’t have contracts with certain health insurance companies. Thus, out-of-network healthcare providers have no obligation to accept insurance coverage from individuals under insurance companies that aren’t in their network. 

Because Florida Center for Recovery is now an in-network healthcare provider for BrightHealth and Ambetter health insurance, BrightHealth and Ambetter insurance members will be able to receive larger amounts of health insurance coverage for addiction treatment here. In exchange, BrightHealth and Ambetter insurance must refer some of their members to Florida Center for Recovery for addiction and dual diagnosis treatment

What is BrightHealth Insurance?


BrightHealth insurance is a health insurance company that works with a carefully curated group of doctors, clinics, and hospitals to provide their members with healthcare at an affordable price. BrightHealth makes it a goal to save its members as much money as possible while still providing them with quality healthcare. 

The doctors, clinics, and hospitals that are chosen to be Care Partners at BrightHealth insurance are some of the top physicians, medical clinics, and hospitals in the U.S. Thus, BrightHealth insurance members are truly receiving high-quality healthcare at an affordable price. 

BrightHealth Coverage in the U.S.

BrightHealth insurance offers health insurance plans in 14 U.S. states, one of which being Florida. Thus, because Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) is now in-network with BrightHealth insurance, Floridians with BrightHealth that plan to attend rehab at FCR will likely have to pay very little out-of-pocket for their addiction treatment. 

Even residents of the 13 other major U.S. states that BrightHealth has health plans in will likely have to pay very little out-of-pocket to cover the cost of rehab if they contain BrightHealth insurance. Thus, receiving health insurance coverage from BrightHealth is a great option to consider for those in desperate need of receiving addiction treatment. 

BrightHealth insurance health plans provide Medicare advantages, individual and family health insurance plans, and small business healthcare plans. Hence, essentially anyone that is a BrightHealth insurance member can take advantage of the company’s healthcare plans. 

Benefits of BrightHealth Individual and Family Plans

There are many benefits to the current BrightHealth individual and family healthcare plans. For example, BrightHealth currently offers individual and family healthcare plans with $0 deductible, $0 copays on unlimited primary doctor visits, and $0 copays on preferred generic prescriptions. BrightHealth even offers its individual and family members telehealth services and urgent care that only costs a copay of $50.00 while providing members with a national network of healthcare providers. 

Other individual and family health care benefits of BrightHealth include mental health care coverage and a cash rewards program for those that actually take care of their health. BrightHealth even provides its members with pediatric, dental, and vision benefits. That way BrightHealth insurance members can fully take care of themselves and their immediate family members. 

Additional BrightHealth Individual and Family Plan Benefits

BrightHealth insurance even offers its members great add-on benefits through its HRA and off-exchange plans. The additional great BrightHealth individual and family plan options and add-ons include:  

Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

BrightHealth insurance members can use HRA dollars from their employers on their individual and family insurance. This only makes having individual and family health insurance under BrightHealth even more appealing. 

Off-Exchange Plans

It’s even possible for BrightHealth members to buy BrightHealth plans directly through their agents outside of the ACA exchange. By offering such an additional benefit, BrightHealth is really putting its members first.  

The Different BrightHealth Insurance Plans

Like with any healthcare company, the exact health insurance benefits that one of its members will receive will depend on the BrightHealth insurance plan that they contain. This is because there are different levels of health insurance plans that BrightHealth members can choose to pay for. 

The four main levels of BrightHealth insurance plans include Gold Plans, Silver Plans, Bronze Plans, and Catastrophic Plans. 

BrightHealth Gold Plans

BrightHealth gold plans provide its members with generous coverage and predictable costs. Thus, such plans are best for BrightHealth members that often use their coverage.

BrightHealth Silver Plans

BrightHealth silver plans provide its members with moderate-level premiums and costs. Thus, BrightHealth silver plans are best for people that will only occasionally make use of their plans’ benefits. 

BrightHealth Bronze Plans

BrightHealth bronze plans provide its members with lower premiums and higher costs. Thus, BrightHealth bronze plans are best for people that are young and healthy and want to minimize their health insurance monthly premiums at the risk of having high deductibles. 

BrightHealth Catastrophic Plans

BrightHealth catastrophic plans offer health insurance at very low premiums. Thus, such plans are best for BrightHealth members that are healthy and under 30. 

What is Ambetter Insurance?

ambetter insurance

Ambetter health insurance is a company that offers various affordable health insurance plans in 20 U.S. states, one of which, once again, is Florida. Ambetter insurance offers marketplace insurance plans with varying coverage and premium levels. 

Standard Ambetter Insurance Plans

Ambetter insurance contains some standard insurance plans with varying coverage and premium levels. Individuals in all of the U.S. states that Ambetter insurance plans are available can take advantage of these standard Ambetter health insurance plans. 

Gold Ambetter Insurance Plan

The standard Gold Ambetter insurance plan provides secure healthcare for higher monthly premiums. Having such higher monthly premiums will make the out-of-pocket costs less in the long run. 

Silver Ambetter Insurance Plan

The standard Silver Ambetter insurance plan provides Ambetter health insurance members with a balance between their monthly health insurance premium payments and their out-of-pocket health insurance expenses. Ambetter insurance usually advises its members to get a silver Ambetter insurance plan. This is because the standard silver Ambetter insurance plan provides Ambetter members with balanced care, which is financially the most logical form of healthcare that an average person should receive. 

Bronze Ambetter Insurance Plan

The bronze Ambetter health insurance plan provides its members with essential care. Thus, through the bronze Ambetter health insurance plan, Ambetter members can receive coverage for essential healthcare needs for lower monthly premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs. 

Ambetter Essential Benefits

All marketplace health insurance plans offer certain benefits and services. Thus, because Ambetter insurance offers its members marketplace insurance plans, there are certain benefits and services that Ambetter insurance will always provide coverage for. 

The essential benefits that Ambettter always provides coverage for include:

  • Emergency care
  • Outpatient or ambulatory care
  • Preventive and wellness care
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • Pediatric care
  • Mental health and substance abuse care
  • Laboratory services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Therapy services
  • Hospitalization fees

Ambetter Health Insurance Resources in Florida

There are certain resources that Ambetter insurance specifically provides its members with In the state of Florida. These resources include: 

  • My Health Pays Reward Program
  • Optional coverage for dental and vision
  • Tax credit
  • Maternity health programs
  • Access to “Your Better Health Center’ for health tips and financial advice 

Use Your BrightHealth and Ambetter Insurance to Pay for Addiction Treatment At Florida Center for Recovery Today!

Addiction treatment is expensive. That’s why taking advantage of coverage from health insurance companies that Florida Center for Recovery is in-network with is important. Addiction treatment is expensive. That’s why taking advantage of coverage from health insurance companies that Florida Center for Recovery is in-network with is important. Luckily, FCR is now within the network of both BrightHealth and Ambetter insurance, two health insurance companies that are cost-efficient and offer great benefits that rehab patients can take advantage of. 

BrightHealth insurance benefits for addiction treatment are more centered in the Orlando, FL area. Thus, Orlando, FL residents with BrightHealth insurance will likely receive the most health insurance coverage for their rehab programs here at FCR. 

Because Ambetter insurance benefits are targeted across the state of Florida, all Floridians with Ambetter insurance will receive high amounts of insurance coverage at our rehab facility. To learn more about BrightHealth and Ambetter insurance and their new partnerships with Florida Center for Recovery, contact us anytime!