ComPsych Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

What is ComPsych?

ComPsych is a healthcare provider that is the world’s largest provider of employee assistance programs (EAP’s). Founded in 1984, ComPsych is a leader in the spaces of behavioral healthcare such as drug rehab, employee wellness, FMLA, and EAP. ComPsych provides services for nearly 120 million individuals through over 50,000 employers. 

ComPsych owes its success in this space to a relentless commitment to providing the highest quality services. Its growth as an insurance provider is of proof-of-concept. Others are rewarded through CompPsych’s success and focus on offering necessary care, excellent customer service, and financial stability. 

A ComPsych provider offers programs that aid employers by helping them attract and retain the best in their fields. CompPsych also incentives the best in its field to improve their physical and mental well-being.

ComPsych is committed to listening to customers and organizations in order to create programs that meet the differing needs of various markets and workplace demands. Because the business world is constantly changing, ComPsych is ready to evolve with you and make sure that your needs are met. 

What Services Does ComPsych Provide? 

ComPsych believes in a comprehensive approach to service. This includes personalized tools, information, and resources, along with the expert advice that sets CompPsych apart from its competitors. These resources will help employers and employees navigate through everything life has to throw at them. 

This comprehensive approach is called “GuidanceResources.” It combines the best in behavioral healthcare, work-life balance care, wellness services, and EAP’s. Some information about all the different offerings of CompPsych can be found below:

Behavioral Health Programs

ComPsych provider helps employers achieve significant benefits in their behavioral health programs. CompPsych is able to do this through an effective model of excellent care, easy access, and seamless administration. Because all behavioral health needs are different, our expert team of on-site, dedicated experts is ready to coordinate with you and care providers to achieve success. 

Managed Behavioral Health

ComPsych provider also offers a unique managed behavioral health plan. This health plan provides the highest quality care with a focus on cost-management. 

Due to their years of experience in the field, ComPsych is even able to deftly match each employee with the appropriate level of care. CompPsych also often offers excellent follow-up with case management.  

The managed behavioral health programs at ComPsych include:

  • EAP integration 
  • Excellent claims administration
  • Ease of access to a worldwide provider network
  • Personalized management at all care levels
  • Comprehensive follow up


ComPsych DisabilityAssist is a selection of services that deal specifically with behavioral issues that relate to disability claims. The goal of DisabilityAssist is to help shorten the duration of work absences and lower claim costs. It’s also meant to aid employees in their healthy return to the workplace. 

Health & Wellness / Health Navigation

ComPsych offers cutting-edge wellness programs that cover the holistic well-being of all employees. ComPsych provider knows that health encompasses the mental, spiritual, and physical. Therefore, a deficiency in one area can lead down a difficult path.  

Through its “HealthyGuidance” plan, CompPsych offers a comprehensive solution to achieving corporate health. This is all while enabling employees to make lasting, healthy lifestyle changes that help them overcome lingering mental and physical health issues. 

The HealthyGuidance suite of services includes:

  • Regular health assessments
  • Tobacco and alcohol use management
  • Weight management assistance
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Interactive workplace wellness challenges
  • Easy mobile tools for incentive tracking
  • Continuing education and personalized communications

Work-Life Services

ComPsych has an extensive staff of experts in the field of work-life balance. They are ready to provide care for almost any conceivable issue an employee may face. These solutions are personalized, confidential, and professional. 

For example, ComPsych provider offers legal and financial advice, family planning, and even elder care. Because CompPsych offers each employee a personalized plan, the company can maintain the ability to provide and help individuals and families stay focused on what is important.  

Employee Assistance Programs

ComPsych created the concept of Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs). EAPs continue to be a worldwide leader in the space. This insurance company also offers an extensive, worldwide network of CompPsych providers that benefits all employers but is particularly helpful for multinational employers. 

The best thing about ComPsych EAP is the personalized, holistic care that it provides. CompPsych is also great because of the access it has to a worldwide network of specialists. 

Through their integrated GuidanceResources portal, ComPsych EAPs deliver a thorough, worldwide approach to assisting employee problems. That way compPsych can help employers head off oncoming workforce issues, grow productivity, and increase employee wellness. 

ComPsych EAP services offer:

  • Innovative, exciting communications that encourage awareness and utilization 
  • Full integration with health insurance and other services
  • Customizable data and performance tracking
  • Global access

What is an EAP?

An employee assistance program (EAP) is a workplace-based, holistic health/lifestyle program. EAPs are designed to assist employees in dealing with potential personal problems that could lead to health issues or reduced workplace performance. 

While EAPs have historically helped workers with issues like substance abuse, EAPs (including that from ComPsych) now cover everything from financial planning to mental/behavioral health and holistic wellness. These programs are delivered at little to no cost for employers. On top of that, EAPs are designed to improve employees’ lives as well as aid in workplace efficiency and retention.   

An EAP can also include a vast selection of other services, such as “Telehealth” advice lines, basic legal advice, or even adoption assistance. EAP services are often made available not only to employees but to the spouses and children of employees as well. 

ComPsych has significant EAP resources available to employers and employees. Visit their website to view a list of EAP work/life outcomes, best workplace practices, and help to choose a program that is right for you or your employees. 

How Can ComPsych Help with Addiction Treatment?

Employers have an obligation to provide safe workplaces for their valued employees. Thus, they have a vested interest in helping employees avoid the pitfalls of drug/alcohol abuse and addiction. Employees may not only suffer from addiction but can also deal with depression, anxiety, family turmoil, and health/medical issues related to drug or alcohol abuse. 

Providing support for these issues can increase employee morale and retention. It can also reduce the risk of them missing time due to one or more of the issues listed here. 

ComPsych’s EAP program can be an integral part of your safe, drug-free workplace. Therefore, EAP programs can help employees avoid addictive behaviors or conquer them. 

ComPsych provider offers everything from life coaching to mental health screening/counseling. CompPsych may even cover some traditional rehabilitation services. 

The services provided with ComPsych’s EAP program can help employees deal with life stresses that may drive them to abuse substances. CompPsych offers several types of counseling, family planning, legal assistance, and individual health screenings. This is because employers now understand that temptations and stressors are a common part of our society. Thus, employers now need to do their best to maximize employee health and their general investment in the well-being of employees. 

ComPsych and Covid-19

Although there is now a light at the end of the tunnel, Covid-19 continues to make life stressful and difficult for employers and employees alike. The virus has caused unprecedented challenges across the globe. It has also brought to the forefront just how important good healthcare can be. During times like these, it is even more evident how integral a good EAP program can be. 

ComPsych has been combating the stress of Covid-19 by working around the clock to support their over 50,000 customers in more than 170 countries with:

  • Mental health counseling services
  • Live online training on coping with anxiety and other issues around COVID-19
  • Work-life resources, including finding child care and financial/legal guidance
  • Digital and in-person self-care tools
  • Plans that help employees adjust to working from home
  • Consultation with our customers on communicating with employees and developing a work-from-home strategy for them

Receive Coverage from CompPsych At Florida Center for Recovery

Florida Center for Recovery (FCR) sees the value in health insurance companies that invest in the health and well-being of their patients like CompPsych does. This is because we here at FCR know that improved health and wellness helps to reduce rates of substance abuse. That’s why Florida Center for Recovery accepts Compsych as an in-network provider. To discover whether or not Florida Center for Recovery accepts coverage from your health insurance, verify your insurance on our website. For further questions about health insurance coverage for addiction treatment at FCR or information about the addiction treatment programs that we here at FCR offer, contact us

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