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MultiPlan Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Deciding to receive addiction treatment is a massive decision that you should be proud of making. Once you’ve made that decision though, you need to figure out how you’re going to pay for your treatment programs.

Luckily, due to the Affordable Care Act, your health insurance can help cover the cost of rehab. This is because the Affordable Care Act requires that health insurance companies offer just as much coverage for addiction and mental health treatment as they do for the treatment of physical ailments. One quality health insurance company that you can receive coverage for addiction and mental health treatment from is MultiPlan insurance.

What is MultiPlan Insurance?

MultiPlan Insurance is a PPO or Preferred Provider Organization facilitator that provides PPO plans to individuals in specific regions of the United States. MultiPlan insurance is different from most insurance companies because it doesn’t directly offer insurance to members.

Instead, individuals that want to access MultiPlan health insurance must do so through a health plan administrator. They can also do so through a medical bill payer.

If you’re a healthcare professional, you can particularly benefit from using MultiPlan health insurance. This is because MultiPlan insurance offers discount rates to healthcare professionals so that they can connect individuals to them. In fact, MultiPlan insurance can connect people to nearly 1,000,000 PPO healthcare professionals. Individuals can also receive MultiPlan insurance through commercial health and government programs.

Types of Group and Private Insurance Plans

There are three main types of insurance plans. These three types of insurance plans include PPO, HMO, and Point-of-Service. MultiPlan insurance provides individuals with PPO insurance plans.

PPO Plans

Preferred Provider Organization plans are PPO plans. These insurance plans allow members to receive treatment at both in-network and out-of-network healthcare providers. This means that a person that uses a PPO health insurance plan can receive treatment at rehab facilities that are within his or her insurance company’s network or out of his or her insurance company’s network.

Still, these types of plans offer way more coverage to people that receive treatment at in-network healthcare providers.

HMO Plans

Health Maintenance Organization plans are HMO plans. These are insurance plans that require their members to receive treatment at in-network healthcare providers. Therefore, an individual that is using an HMO health insurance plan to cover the cost of his or her addiction treatment must attend treatment at a rehab facility that is within his or her insurance company’s network.

Point-of-Service Plans

Point-of-Service insurance plans are insurance plans that allow their members to choose between different HMO or PPO plans. Thus, an addiction treatment patient with a Point-of-Service health insurance plan can choose the type of insurance plan that makes the most sense for him or her based on the rehab facility that he or she is receiving treatment at.

If a Point-of-Service health insurance plan member is receiving treatment at a rehab center that is within his or her insurance company’s network, then maybe that person will prefer to choose the less expensive HMO plan. On the other hand, if an individual wants the security of knowing that he or she has the flexibility to receive treatment anywhere, including at out-of-network rehab centers, that person may choose to use a PPO insurance plan.

In-Network Insurance Providers vs. Out-of-Network Insurance Providers

In-network insurance providers are healthcare facilities that have contracts with an insurance company. These contracts require the healthcare providers to offer discounted fees to the insurance company and accept higher forms of coverage from the insurance company’s members. Healthcare providers agree to this in-network contract with the condition that the insurance company provides referrals to their healthcare facilities.

Out-of-network healthcare providers are healthcare facilities that don’t have contracts with a particular insurance company. Thus, out-of-network healthcare providers will likely not accept coverage from that particular insurance company. As a result, that particular insurance company will not refer its members to those out-of-network healthcare facilities.

Benefits of MultiPlan Insurance

There are numerous benefits to using MultiPlan insurance. Many of these benefits lay in the fact that MultiPlan insurance provides PPO insurance plans. This is because PPO plans contain fewer restrictions than HMO plans. This is especially true when it comes to receiving coverage while getting treatment from out-of-network providers.

By being less restrictive, PPO plans ultimately cover the cost of treatment from more providers, oftentimes at a reduced rate. This makes an individual more likely to save money while receiving treatment at any given rehab center with a PPO insurance plan than with an HMO insurance plan.

MultiPlan insurance is also beneficial to insurers because it contains a network of healthcare insurance products and programs. Therefore, direct insurers can make a contract with MultiPlan insurance. This contract can allow the direct insurers to offer PPO health insurance coverage to their members. In doing so, these insurers get access to a wider network of suppliers.

Because MultiPlan insurance provides PPO plans, many individuals that use MultiPlan insurance can choose their own providers without referrals. Just know that the healthcare providers that you choose will determine how much you’ll end up having to pay out-of-pocket or not.

Ultimately though, the amount of coverage that a person will receive for addiction treatment from MultiPlan insurance will depend on his or her individual insurance plan and network and the state that the individual lives in. For more information on how MultiPlan insurance can provide you with coverage, consult your insurance provider.

Addiction Treatment Programs That MultiPlan Insurance Provides Coverage For

Insurance policies that are within the MultiPlan network provide coverage for most addiction treatment programs. Some of the addiction treatment programs that you can definitely expect to receive some sort of coverage from by an insurance policy that’s within the MultiPlan network include:

Alcohol and Drug Detox

Detox is the first step to getting clean and sober. It’s important to attend professional alcohol and drug detox. This is because of the severity of withdrawal symptoms that people often experience when they detox from alcohol and drugs.

It’s also important to attend a medical detox. This is because medical detox centers contain medical staff and physicians on standby that are monitoring your detox journey. That way, if your withdrawal symptoms ever get too severe, they can provide you with prescription withdrawal medications. Luckily, individuals whose health insurance is within the MultiPlan network often receive coverage for the cost of medical alcohol and drug detox.

Inpatient or Residential Treatment

Inpatient and residential addiction treatment programs are for people with severe addictions. This is because inpatient and residential forms of rehab provide 24/7 care and monitoring. These programs also require that patients live at their rehab facilities while in treatment.

Most health insurance companies who are within the MultiPlan network also offer insurance plans that provide coverage for inpatient or residential addiction treatment. Therefore, individuals with severe addictions who have access to MultiPlan insurance can receive the help that they need.

Outpatient Forms of Treatment

There are a few different outpatient forms of addiction treatment. Outpatient treatment programs are ones that don’t require their patients to live at rehab facilities while in treatment. In fact, outpatient rehab patients get to live in the comfort of their own homes in-between treatment sessions.

The different forms of outpatient treatment include partial hospitalization program treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and standard outpatient treatment. Partial hospitalization program treatment programs require patients to attend rehab five to eight hours a day, five to seven days a week.

Intensive outpatient program treatment requires patients to attend rehab a few hours a day, a few days a week. Standard outpatient program treatment requires patients to attend rehab for a couple of hours, once or twice a week. Most health insurance companies with plans that are within the Multiplan insurance network provide coverage for all forms of outpatient treatment.

Does MultiPlan Insurance Cover the Cost of Long-Term Treatment?

Since MultiPlan insurance technically doesn’t offer people health insurance directly, it may not provide coverage for long-term addiction treatment that requires going through multiple rehab programs and then living in a sober living home. If a person’s health insurance company is within the MultiPlan network and his or her insurance plan is covered in part by MultiPlan, maybe then will it cover the cost of long-term addiction treatment.

Attend Detox and Addiction Treatment At Florida Center for Recovery

At Florida Center for Recovery, we accept coverage from various different types of health insurance companies. This is because we want to give our patients the greatest chance possible to be able to receive the addiction treatment that they need. That’s why we went as far as to accept coverage from a company that offers PPO insurance plans to individuals indirectly like Multiplan insurance does.

Florida Center for Recovery is a renowned rehab center in the U.S. This is because we offer compassionate and affordable addiction treatment. We also offer comprehensive models for alcohol and drug detox and addiction treatment. We even offer holistic and alternative forms of addiction therapy.

To learn more about Florida Center for Recovery and the various forms of health insurance that we offer, contact us today. We’ll gladly answer any questions that you may have.

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