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Does Tribal Care Insurance Cover You?

Everyone in need of addiction treatment should be able to receive it. Unfortunately, like most things in life, addiction treatment isn’t free. The best way to pay for the cost of addiction treatment is through health insurance. 

This is because the Affordable Care Act requires that all health insurance companies provide just as much coverage for addiction and mental health treatment as they do for physical injuries. Many would be surprised by how many different health insurance companies are out there that cater to different types of people and their needs. One independent insurance agency that works hard to cater to the needs of individuals in need of support is Tribal-Care Insurance. 

What Is Tribal-Care Insurance?

Tribal-Care insurance is an independent insurance agency. It serves the Native American tribal communities, hence the name “Tribal” Care Insurance. 

Tribal-Care insurance offers many different forms of insurance. These forms of insurance range from life insurance to auto insurance, to property insurance, insurance for business owners, general liability, supplemental plans, and much more. The primary form of insurance that Tribal-Care offers though is personal and group health insurance. 

The Tribal-Care Insurance Mission 

The ultimate mission of Tribal-Care insurance is to provide insurance products and services to the tribal community while always keeping the tribal community’s best interest at heart. It’s because Tribal-Care insurance cares most about looking out for the best interest of the tribal community that the insurance agency works so hard to maintain reasonable prices for its insurance plans. Tribal-Care insurance also makes it a priority to provide loyal service and expertise to the tribal community when it comes to insurance. 

Luckily, Tribal-Care insurance is an independent insurance agency. Therefore it’s able to choose the best insurance carrier for each of its customers’ needs. It also helps that Tribal-Care insurance represents a group of reputable insurance companies. Furthermore, the people that work for Tribal-Care can make sure that each member is getting the best insurance plan with the best amount of coverage at a competitive price. 

Every Tribal-Care insurance agent works for the agency’s members. This helps to make sure that the needs of every Tribal-Care insurance member are being met. 

Tribal-Care Insurance Individual and Family Health Benefits

Tribal-Care’s individual and family health insurance programs are for people, particularly Native Americans, that can’t acquire health insurance through their employers. The individual and family health insurance programs that Tribal-Care offers contain extensive coverage and high-deductibles. These high deductibles and extensive coverage can protect families against major financial losses. 

Tribal-Care even allows members to receive free, comparative health insurance quotes from other affiliated insurance carriers. That way, there is transparency and Tribal-Care members can ensure that they’re receiving the best insurance rates possible. 

Tribal-Care Insurance Group Benefits

Tribal-Care insurance offers group benefits for employers as well. The group health benefits that Tribal-Care offers employers range from that of health insurance to life insurance, to FSAs. 

The Tribal-Care insurance group benefit services and products that employers can take advantage of include:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
  • Group Dental Insurance
  • Group Disability Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance
  • Group Vision Insurance
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement 
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Tribal-Care Insurance Benefits for Addiction Treatment

Tribal-Care insurance can offer extensive financial assistance to people in addiction treatment. Some benefits of containing Tribal-Care insurance while receiving addiction treatment include:

You Can Receive Tribal-Care Insurance Without Having an Employer

Individuals that receive health insurance through Tribal-Care don’t have to receive it through an employer. This is ideal for many people that are looking to attend rehab. This is because many of those people have lost their jobs due to their substance use habits. 

Tribal-Care insurance also makes it easier for many people to receive addiction treatment. This is because many people with substance addiction use up all their money to get more substances. Thus, without the financial assistance of health insurance that doesn’t come from an employer, many of these people wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of rehab. 

It Caters to the Needs of Native Americans

Native Americans that are looking to receive addiction treatment particularly benefit from Tribal-Care insurance. This is partly because Native Americans that suffer from addiction often don’t have enough money to pay for rehab themselves. This is due to losing jobs and money to their substance addictions. 

On top of that, many Native Americans don’t work traditional jobs. Therefore, many Native Americans don’t contain the option of receiving health insurance from their employers. The Native Americans that can contain health insurance from their employers can take advantage of Tribal-Care group health insurance benefits to pay for addiction treatment. 

Its Flexibility and Transparency

Both Native Americans and non-Native Americans benefit from Tribal-Care insurance’s flexibility and transparency. For example, Tribal-Care insurance members can look at the health insurance plans from many of the insurance companies that Tribal-Care insurance works with prior to committing to a plan. That way, Tribal-Care insurance members can receive the health insurance plans that best suit them and provide them with the most amount of coverage at a good price. 

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers that are in-network are healthcare providers that have contracts with particular insurance companies. This forces the healthcare providers to accept more amounts of insurance coverage from the members of those particular insurance companies in exchange for referrals to their healthcare facilities. Therefore, people will receive healthcare at a more affordable price if they do so at a healthcare provider that is within their health insurance companies’ networks. 

Out-of-network healthcare providers are healthcare facilities that don’t have contracts with particular insurance companies. Therefore, such healthcare providers won’t accept more insurance coverage from the members of those particular insurance companies. This also means that out-of-network healthcare providers won’t be referred to the members of those particular insurance companies. 

Do Tribal-Care Insurance Members Need to Receive Care from Healthcare Facilities That Are Within Its Network?

Similar to any type of health insurance, it’s less expensive to receive care at a healthcare facility that’s within Tribal-Care insurance’s network. Although it will save individuals money to receive care at healthcare providers that are within Tribal-Care insurance’s network, receiving care at an in-network healthcare facility isn’t required of Tribal-Care insurance members. 

Luckily though, Florida Center for Recovery is a renowned addiction treatment center that’s within Tribal-Care insurance’s network. This means that individuals can save money while receiving high-quality addiction treatment at Florida Center for Recovery. This is particularly true for Native Americans.

Tribal-Care Insurance Coverage for Detox

Not only does Tribal-Care insurance cover the cost of addiction treatment, but it covers the cost of detox as well. However, the amount of coverage that a person will receive from Tribal-Care insurance for detox depends on his or her specific insurance plan. Pre-authorization, the amount of time that a person stays at a detox facility, and the treatments and medications that a person needs during detox will also affect the amount of coverage that Tribal-Care insurance members will receive while in detox. 

Tribal-Care Insurance Coverage for Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment programs are the addiction treatment programs that cost the most. This is because inpatient addiction treatment programs require patients to live in rehab facilities while receiving 24/7 care and monitoring for anywhere from 30 days to a year. 

Because inpatient treatment costs more, it will require more to cover the cost of inpatient addiction treatment programs. Tribal-Care insurance can cover the full cost of inpatient treatment programs though. It just depends on the type of Tribal-Care insurance plan the person has.

The rehab facility that a person is receiving inpatient treatment at and whether or not that rehab facility is within Tribal-Care insurance’s network will also affect how much Tribal-Care insurance coverage that person will receive. Tribal-Care policyholders will just need to pay the deductible towards their treatment programs. 

Tribal-Care Insurance Coverage for Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment programs are addiction treatment programs that don’t require their patients to live in rehab facilities while receiving treatment. There are three different forms of outpatient treatment. These three forms of outpatient treatment vary depending on the length of treatment and intensity level of addictions that the treatment programs treat. 

For example, partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatment is an outpatient treatment that is for individuals with moderate to severe addictions. This is because PHP treatment requires patients to receive care all day for five to eight hours, for five to seven days a week. 

Intensive outpatient program (IOP) treatment requires patients to attend rehab for a few hours a day, for a few days a week. Standard outpatient treatment requires patients to receive care for approximately a couple of hours a day for a couple of days a week.  Like with inpatient treatment, the level of Tribal-Care insurance coverage for outpatient treatment depends on a person’s individual insurance plan, the rehab facility that a person is receiving care from, and whether or not that rehab center is within Tribal-Care insurance’s network or not. 

Tribal-Care Insurance Coverage for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment is a program that simultaneously treats substance use disorders and mental health disorders. The level of coverage from Tribal-Care insurance for dual diagnosis treatment is dependent on:

  • The person’s individual insurance plan
  • The rehab facility that a person is receiving care from
  • Whether or not the rehab facility is within Tribal-Care insurance’s network
  • The type of dual diagnosis treatment program that a person is receiving treatment for
  • The amount of time that a person will be receiving treatment

Use Tribal-Care Insurance to Help Pay for Addiction Treatment At Florida Center for Recovery

At Florida Center for Recovery (FCR), we understand the importance of having health insurance that can help you pay for the cost of addiction treatment. That’s why we’ve made contracts with various health insurance companies that allow us to be within their networks. Tribal-Care insurance happens to be one of those health insurance companies. This means that individuals can use Tribal-Care insurance to help cover the cost of treatment here at Florida Center for Recovery. 

To learn more about Florida Center for Recovery and the different addiction treatment and therapy programs that we offer, contact us today. Also, get in touch with us online if you would like to verify your insurance here at FCR. 


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