What Are The Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

When choosing between different addiction treatment options, inpatient rehabilitation facilities have been shown to be the preferable option. A quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility provides recovering individuals with a supportive environment, comprehensive treatment, professional support, and the aftercare programming needed to establish a successful recovery.

Additional benefits of an inpatient rehab program include:

The Physical Benefits – With the initial focus on detoxification, a certified medical detox facility helps the recovering client through the detox process easing the symptoms of withdrawal and managing serious medical situations that may arise. Medically supervised detox is strongly recommended for alcohol, opiate, or benzodiazepine withdrawals, which could be dangerous or even fatal.

Psychological Benefits – A good inpatient rehab program is going to offer a number of different psychotherapy options to support the recovering individual and their loved ones. Most and foremost, these programs will diagnose and address underlying mental health problems that can make a person vulnerable to relapse. As no two individuals are alike, individualized therapy offered in an inpatient setting provides therapists enough time to develop a comprehensive treatment program that will work for the individual person seeking help. This specialized and individualized type of care is often just possible when the continuum of therapy is provided through an inpatient addiction treatment program.

Emotional Benefits – If the treatment center employs the philosophy of treating the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the disease of addiction, the emotional benefits for clients cannot be overlooked. Although treating the physical and psychological dependence on drugs and/or alcohol is a major component of a rehab program, the peace of mind and the emotional well being that recovering individuals can acquire from receiving holistic therapies help heal the mind, body, and spirit. Facilities that include holistic therapies in their addiction treatment programs are successful at bridging the gap that many other programs leave.

Support Network Benefits – At an inpatient rehab facility clients are surrounded by a recovery community. Recovering clients in a rehab facility benefit from the 24/7 support of a therapeutic team that walks them from detox to rehabilitation and through the aftercare programs. They also get peer support from individuals who are going through the recovery process and those who have been successful in their recovery and are actively involved in helping others experience similar success.

It is important for individuals seeking addiction treatment, whether for themselves or for their loved ones, to analyze their situation including their needs and history of substance abuse, and find out if and how they want to change their life. Generally speaking, if there is a long history of substance abuse, the recommendation is to seek inpatient/residential program. Many times, attending a rehab program is the difference between life and death or at-least between a successful recovery and periodic relapse.

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