What is Coco Loko?

“Coco Loko” is a snortable chocolate powder that was designed and marketed as an alternative to dangerous street drugs. The company which manufactured “Coco Loko”, Legal Lean, received a letter from the FDA this past December, as a warning against the introduction of unapproved new drugs for sale, after parents, doctors, and government health officials raised concerns about the product. This letter included the product violations based on the product’s labeling, company’s website and promotional marketing materials. This product violation included:

  • Encouragement of drug abuse in individuals, including minors.
  • Undeclared drug ingredients (doxylamine)* that pose a serious health risk, because consumers with underlying medical issues may take the products without knowing the potential side effects or interactions.
  • Safety of listed ingredients taurine and guarana have not been evaluated for intranasal administration.

In addition, the company’s promotional materials depicted the product is intended to be used as an alternative to illicit street drugs. “Endorphin rush… Serotonin rush… Euphoric energy…”

At the time this warning letter was sent to Legal Lean “Coco Loko” was labeled as a conventional food and was also marketed as a dietary supplement on the company’s website; however, “Coco Loko” was intended for intranasal administration therefore not a conventional food or dietary supplement because it is not “a product intended for ingestion.”

It seems Legal Lean has taken action in regards to “Coco Loko”. Last we checked the product was no longer available for sale on the company’s website, but parents and loved ones should be aware of similar or new products that keep coming back to the market under different labeling and packaging, just like Bath Salts did awhile back. Also, the product may have been purchased before and be still in circulation. In any case, our recommendation is that if you find unusual products used by your young adult, which generally is not a product you find sold at your local grocery or department store, please do a little online research, which may surprise you.

*Although doxylamine  (API) is an FDA approved pharmaceutical ingredient product, it carries a warning against use with alcohol and requires physician consultation for use by individuals who have glaucoma, breathing problems, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and men with an enlarged prostate.