What is the Florida Model of Addiction Treatment

The “Florida Model” for addiction treatment which has been adopted in many other states, is based on the blending of certain features of clinical substance use disorder treatment (The Medical Model) into a well-defined model of delivery of peer-supportive, recovery-oriented housing (The Social Model). In this instance; a FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences Community) Level 4 Recovery Residence is both a Department of Children and Families (DCF) licensed Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and day/night community housing that has been certified to comply with FARR Standards and the FARR Code of Ethics. DCF is the licensing authority responsible for oversight of compliance with clinical criteria and FARR certifies that the peer supportive housing component complies with nationally recognized standards. Clients of a Florida Model program attend treatment (clinical services) at a properly zoned, commercial location during daytime hours and return to a residence during evening and weekend hours to engage in peer-supportive activities designed to further develop their recovery process. All Florida Model programs qualify to apply for certification as FARR Level 4 Recovery Residences.

The Florida Treatment Model uses several levels of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and care that gradually step down in structure and supervision as the client advances through the various phases of addiction treatment. This step-down approach was developed to help clients ease back into their normal daily routines as seamlessly as possible as they return home.

After medical detoxification, which is the most structured and supervised level of care, clients attending a Florida Model Treatment Program receive specialized therapeutic services that are carefully drafted by a medical and clinical team and other relevant staff members.

Once the intensive portion of drug and alcohol rehabilitation has been completed, clients have the option of entering transitional housing. The Florida Model of addiction treatment was developed in the mid-1980s and it has proven to be successful in helping individuals struggling with addiction in achieving meaningful and long-term recovery.

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